Key Personnel

AMC Earthworks Pty Ltd is an earthmoving company based in Western Australia that offers both contract and hourly hire. Key personnel are Stewart Stacey, who manages operations, and Angela Vaughan, who oversees administration, accounts and compliance.


While AMC Earthworks was founded by Stewart Stacey in 2014, so it is a relatively young company, Stewart’s vast experience in the earthworks, excavation and earthmoving industry spans 40 years.

Stewart has worked on all manner of projects throughout his career – from small residential jobs to complete preparation of bush blocks into fully functional residential properties; as well as commercial and industrial projects including large civil works and government projects. 

Residential & Commercial – Hills & Rural Blocks

Today, AMC Earthworks Pty Ltd undertakes mainly rural residential property work in the Perth hills and both residential and larger projects in country towns and rural areas.

Specialist Software Saves You Money

Stewart takes a lot of pride in delivering a detailed finish for his clients. His qualifications, extensive skills and knowledge are complemented by the specialist software the company uses for site planning and estimating.

Rather than using manual systems and needing to over-estimate materials, Stewart’s expertise extends to the operation of this high level application that enables precise and accurate earthworks estimates. This results in significant savings of money and resources, which are passed on to their clients.

As Stewart says,
“You buy the block, we’ll do the lot!”